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HPLC Programme for Universities


Hands-On Practical HPLC Courses


For Universities who either do not have the in-house expertise or the time available, we can present a lecture course in HPLC.

We recommend combining this with practical sessions to reinforce the material.

Lectures can be in the form of a series as part of a degree course, or as a short course.

We can cover any aspect of HPLC, and have a wide range of HPLC information available, all with good notes.


Most universities have some HPLC equipment. However to run a practical for larger groups means buying several systems which may only be used for 2-3 weeks a year.

We can bring in up to 7 freshly serviced HPLC systems, along with lots of spares, staff and all the materials to run a well-organised practical. Students will work in pairs, and learn a lot in a day with us. At the end they will take away chromatograms and the calibration, and a lot of confidence!

Projects for Undergraduates and Masters Students

Research and co-supervision of PhD students

We undertake a lot of mini research projects, some for our own benefit, and some to solve problems for customers.

Many of these make excellent undergraduate projects, and if engaged at an early stage, can make good Masters projects too.

We can supply materials if required, and assist with supervision.


If you have a PhD project which will require extensive use of HPLC and do not have the expertise available within the department, we would be pleased to help.

This is not a free service, but we can offer support on all aspects of HPLC, including instrumentation, analytical methods, troubleshooting, etc.

If you need written agreement from us prior to the submission of a funding request, please do check with us first!


Exam Questions

Work Experience


We can offer a range of exam questions if required. These can be multiple choice questions or questions requiring a written answer.

Please call to discuss your requirements. We would offer you a range of questions to choose from.

This is normally done in universities where we have run a practical course or series of lectures.


We take on a number of students or graduates for work experience in our laboratories, on an unpaid basis. We have a number of projects in progress at any givent time and students get to work with us on these.

This service is seriously oversubscribed, so for much of the year, a student would not be considered unless they had been through our Introductory course first. Priority is given to students from universities where we have run a practical course.



Universities wishing to know more are invited to contact us to discuss the options. We can offer references, and send a brochure with full details. We are very experienced in all aspects of HPLC, and are looking forward to working with you. You can reach us on +44 (0) 1634 294001 or sales@hplccourses.com